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Guide Dogs

At St. Andrew's, we sponser three guide dogs, Kevin, Comet and Pudding!

Please see below for the latest news about them.


We hope you and your loved ones are well and enjoying the spring weather. Read below your latest update on your sponsored puppy!



Kevin has been enjoying the beginnings of spring and has been continuing to explore new environments. This month, Kevin has been getting used to shopping environments by accompanying Puppy Raiser, Kay, to various shopping centres. These trips have helped Kevin become more comfortable in busier areas and we’re so proud of his progress. Keep up the great work Kay and Kevin!  



Pudding has been enjoying the warmer weather that spring brings and going on lots of adventures with Puppy Raiser, Eddie! They have been continuing to develop and work on Pudding’s focus in puppy classes and other environments. In between training sessions Pudding loves to play with her favourite soft toy duck. We are excited to see what they get up to in the next few months!



Comet is loving the warmer weather and has been making great progress with his training. This month, Puppy Raiser, Bridget, has been introducing Comet to many new environments including the train! Comet was very calm during his first train journey and settled beautifully. We are so proud of his progress! Bridget will continue to build up his confidence by going on more regular train journeys over the next few months.